Cavite lodge no. 2 F & A.M

Welcome to Cavite Lodge No.2

You have come to the right place. You are here because you believe that truth, unity, and brotherhood can change the world for the better.
Freemasonry embodies a brotherhood of good and charitable men seeking to better themselves at the same time help others to unite communities regardless of religious and social differences.
To become a Freemason requires a life-long commitment to support and share in the worldwide brotherhood of peace and unity.
To become one, you must ask one. This proves your willingness to join a community of extraordinary and comparable men ready to serve his God, country, family, and himself.
To become one, you must spread the word and great principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth.

A Brotherhood of Trueth, Peace, and Unity.
A Community of Like-Minded Sould United in Brotherhood.

Worshipful Master Message

A Celebration of Brotherhood
Fellow freemasons around the world celebrate a unique brotherhood promoting peace, love, relief and truth. We are fortunate to thrive in this times when most lodges fail to reach the goals set forth by our founding fathers.
We reiterate the importance of commitment in strengthening ties within the brotherhood and helping others believe in their own greatness.
Each individual endeavors to become better citizens through Freemasonry by upholding the highest ideals known to men.

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