The Future of Freemasonry

The Grand Lodge has always relied on the success of its fellow brothers in making sure the future of Freemasons will continue to flourish in the coming years.

We have always believed that the continuity of the brotherhood rests on our efforts to recruit the best candidates willing to accept our standards for the betterment of humanity.

These aspiring Freemasons will embark on a fulfilling journey to improve themselves as well as take on the responsibility of taking care of the welfare of others, in the service of God and fellowmen.

The time is now for everyone to unite and be proud of our brotherhood. Our members have proven to the world that Freemasonry is alive and still relevant in our society.

We must also remember that this is not a period for complacency. We also have a responsibility to ensure our adaptability and work on ways to keep improving ourselves as well as our organization. This is the only way for our brotherhood to survive in the coming generations.

Freemasonry in the Philippines has been in existence for more than 100 years and to keep flourishing we need the best candidates with us to help us with our quest to help our fellowmen.

The future of Freemasonry relies on us. We salute each and every one of you for continuing on with your dutiful roles in our organization. Please remember that now and in the future, we are all united for a common goal and that is to strengthen our brotherhood and the future of Freemasonry here in the Philippines.