A Celebration of Brotherhood

Fellow freemasons around the world celebrate a unique brotherhood promoting peace, love, relief and truth. We are fortunate to thrive in this times when most lodges fail to reach the goals set forth by our founding fathers.

We reiterate the importance of commitment in strengthening ties within the brotherhood and helping others believe in their own greatness.

Each individual endeavors to become better citizens through Freemasonry by upholding the highest ideals known to men.

In this regard, we celebrate our brothers who never fail to share their time in assisting and teaching others the cornerstone of the lodge in pursuit of a more humane society.

The ultimate goal of each brother is to illuminate everyone with his mere presence – a presence that embraces his love for humanity and harmony for everything that surrounds him.

Let us remember that a group of like-minded souls can only be successful and attain all of their goals for the future by continuing their efforts to build a better community among brothers.

My dear brothers, we must all remember that the right path can only be bridged by a collective pursuit of peace, unity and truth.

As such, we must all heed the call to action in bringing forth a successful brotherhood or community of free men in the new millennium.

Let us celebrate today and look forward to the future!